Primary School Publications Supplied On CD or DVD ROM Including Lesson Plans and Practical Guides

Written to empower curriculum leaders, co-ordinators and teachers in the development of PSHE and Citizenship, whilst allowing for individual school flexibility. Time saving resources covering many of the major areas outlined in the programmes of study and non-statutory guidance. Most of the hard work is done for you, so you do not have to re invent the wheel.

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PSHE and Citizenship KS 1 & 2 Shortness of Breath Cigarettes
PSHE and Citizenship KS 1 Fruit and Veggie Puppets
PSHE and Citizenship KS 2 Fat More Is Less
Drug Education KS 1 & 2 Healthy Choices
Relationships Sex KS 1 & 2 Eat More, Eat Light
Global Citizenship KS 2 Nutrition Toss Up Ball
Effective School Council (P) Special Offer (P) 2
Positive Approaches Managing Behaviour Keep Safe Poster
Successful Classroom Strategies Reach For The Sky Poster
Positive Approaches To Reduce Bullying You Are What You Eat Poster
Dealing With Trauma Friends Are Special People Poster
Including Pupils With Learning Difficulties Make School A Better Place Poster
Building Self Esteem Treat Others Poster
Emotional Intelligence KS 2 Special Offer 6 Posters
Circle Time KS 1 & 2 ADHD DVD
Special Offer (P) 1 Understanding Your Emotions KS 2
Great Tobacco Challenge Being Me KS 2
Great Alcohol Challenge Special Offer (P) 3
Antisocial Behaviour Education Pack Special Offer (P) 4
Anger Management Mini Blob Posters
Conflict Resolution Game Blob Tree Posters
Feeling Cards Assertiveness Programme
Feeling Playing Cards Empathy Cards
Emotional Intelligence Games  

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Continuity and progression have been carefully considered to ensure a spiral curriculum.

Lesson plans have been designed to maximise active learning strategies.

Issues covered include:

• Interpersonal skills
• Speaking and listening
• Assertiveness
• Decision making
• Personal development
• Political literacy
• Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
• Anti racism

Also included are Guidance notes on:

• Circle time
• Emotional Intelligence
• School Council
• Good practice in Citizenship
• Monitoring

Getting started with circle time

The notes explore the strategy of circle time, give rules, start up activities, and outline the role of the teacher. For those colleagues who wish to make a start with this powerful teaching strategy, there is everything here that you will need.

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